My dear boyfie got my this art book for my birthday last year. This is me finally putting it to good use with some watercolor studies, :D

An evening piece inspired by faraway places.

I painted some animals!

Watercolor sessions from this past weekend.

I enjoyed Shovel Knight!

I thought I’d have to grow up and give up games to succeed as an adult… NOPE. Don’t give up the things you love! What I would go back in time 6 years ago and shake myself out of such a silly thought.

Edit: Squeee, Yacht Club Games shared the piece.

Obtained a set of metallic watercolors. Colored an old Kiki sketch with them. Pleased with the mixed results… Though a bit of me likes the minimal version as well. Too bad with physical mediums, you can’t just hide the layer and output two pieces!

Purveyor of good vibes, Sometimes righteously angry

Ever heard this advice? Write the email reply to yourself, just don’t send it.

Expressing anger and resent is an important part of being human. Sometimes things are wrong, sometimes things make us angry. Most of the time, these are repeatable situations and offenses people deserve to know about, so they can avoid what you just lived.

It’s so important to have a support system and stating it like so makes it sound obvious. But what’s tricky is actively maintaining your support system. Don’t exhaust your friends or your audience, yet, warn them about the darker side. Take it in when your friends need it, but don’t forget, they are there when you need it. I admit I have trouble with bothering my friends in times of need.

Put out what you want to see more of. For me, I want to surround myself with good vibes. And thus, by virtue of that, wish to surround as many people as I can with good vibes.

Yes,  my family makes me angry.
What happened with Airbnb makes me angry.
Hearing about marginalized women makes me angry.

Understand that when we sound angry sharing angry stories, we don’t want to stay angry. We want you to know why things make us angry. We want you to be aware these issues exist.  We want to learn from it and improve.

At first, it made me nervous to publish anything not positive. Then I realized it affected my livelihood, our livelihoods, as creators and people. With the first post I heard from friends and new friends. Simply reading the post helped. These are constant reminders we’re not alone. And reminders things may never be the ideal at all times. But also it’s a reminder that it will get better if we are aware something is wrong and push back.

Let’s make it better, together.

This is an abstract piece inspired by the camphor tree in My Neighbor Totoro. Got to use my blue/green Zigs for it. Happy!

Happy little river and trees.

Finished oil painting that I started last August. Three visits home ago I made it to a studio session with my Mama. Today we went again and I finished this piece.

New Work! A wizard in the forest.

Gift for my robot.

A week ago, I had Cintiq lust and then Cintiq price bust. A hobbyist seriously cannot even.
However, this time I discovered a cost friendly alternative – the Yiynova.

Granted I’ve only been playing with it for one night, but so far:

  • Like many reviews mention, there is a huge distance between the digital cursor and the physical pen nib.
  • What bugs me the most personally is that the nib only comes in shiny plastic. I am really fond of the felty nib Wacom has.
  • However this has still been worthwhile considering purchasing it refurbished meant it cost less than a 16GB iPad. But again, I’ve only had this for a day.

OK, this aside, Wonder Woman!