Early new year’s resolution: a goal & a barrier.

Amongst all the great things which happened during my company design retreat, the greatest meta benefit for me personally was that the experience sharpened my focus for choosing the path I walk. I’m sharing this one piece specifically because it concisely puts out there, and serves as a reminder for myself, what my intentions are for life. [1]

Some context: the task was the choose 2 images. One which represented the goal, the other which represents a barrier which stands between you and goal.

Goal. I’m interested in creating something. But I have no idea what. Hence, here’s a blueprint sketch with a blackbox and a question mark. All I know now is that it needs to be of good, positive impact on the world.


I drew this in a few seconds using Sketchbook Xpress for mobile.

Barrier. And, the first step is to shed my baggage. There are just so many things from the past I still admit to having the hardest time getting over. I will eventually dispell these inhibiting experiences which prevent the fullest. On a good course - the first step: Knowing I deserve better, so each experience from here on out are in my control.


p.s. this painting is I’ll Take You to the River by Lora Zombie.

1. Subject to change, of course. But I doubt it’d stray far from this.