Post-grad life metaskill of 2011: Scaling.

One thing I’ve never paid much attention to while in school were milestones in school. They are neatly cut-off by semesters, tucked into smaller deliverables determined by weeks.

It was fairly easy to know when to pump it up and when to slack a little. For example, the strain of powering through finals is met with a period of complete relaxation at the end, without that, it’d be hard to sustain that level of intensity.

My first 3 months out of this, I realize how it is really up to you, yourself, to scale life. Whether it’s about work, side projects, outings, budget, whatever, it’s up to you to manage that metric.

It’s a freedom and a curse, and something I will aim to master consciously now and throughout 2012.

Just a quick thought and realization today while having instant ramen.