"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Don’t like this question; it needs iterating.

A popular interview question as well as one which close friends may ask.. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m going to take a  step back. 22.. 17.
So, if you asked me where I’d be seeing myself as a 22 y/o, as a 17 y/o, my answer would have been “Pursuing a masters degree in.. technical animation. Then applying for PhD.” Something wishy washy like that, aligned with the fact I thought pursuing the rote of degrees was the key to success. 
I definitely wouldn’t have said, “Just finished my masters degree in HCI and have an awesome job in the user experience design field with no intention of returning to academia anytime soon. Living in the SFBA with a 3x6ft whiteboard in my apartment trying to figure out something worth making for the long run.” That’s the tl;dr. There are so many details worth mentioning that would have never crossed my 17 year old mind. Like,

With that in mind, I need to stop asking myself this question. It really does yield no results. It’s not to say one shouldn’t have goals, but that the outcome of the future is unpredictable in the details. Instead of wasting time pondering about the future, more time needs to be spent actively working towards it.

22.. 27.
Who knows what and where I will be then.
I sure don’t.

And that’s all right.


tl;dr Having a vision is good. Just don’t sweat the details. Then you’ll never get there because you’re too busy wiping away the sweat.