An update on 2012

2012 is about simplifying. Going to be assuming you’ve seen my 2012 resolutions.


  • I don’t read Hacker News anymore. I don’t miss it.
  • I’m rarely on Reddit now. With the occasional exception of r/aww, because AWW.
  • This wasn’t on the list, but I also removed the Sparrow and Adium icons from my menu. I am so. much. saner. without the notifications in my face at all times.
  • Likewise, I don’t use push notifications (or have disabled badging, depending on the app) for things like iPhone email or Facebook or social medias for that matter. Also much, much saner.
  • Have been rather prolific about thinking, crafting, executing other things now. I’d like to speed this up, but it’s an improvement!

Working on it.

  • Still a prolific tweeter. I need to make a point to simplify my following list and not worry about offending someone over it. Consuming it isn’t a terrible thing since I’ve went through a serious round of axing already. There’s much less in the feed at all times.
  • Pinterest usage hasn’t been hampering me too much actually. It maybe even helps in the big picture. Curating pretty clothes, shoes, and bags has rendered me less willing to spend via choice paralysis. It’s weird, I know. But it’s still less and not ‘at all.’
  • Facebook, ah, so the problem is I feed it with Instagram and Paper all the time, so it’s hard not to go bask in likes. I really should stop this one perhaps after overcoming an unexpected thing. Need votes of confidence right now.
  • Total fail on the unplugging thing. It hasn’t happened nor has a session been planned. Also filed for after unexpected thing.


  • Learning is constant, so I discovered more things which should be on this list, such as…
  • Stop drinking so much koolaid. Don’t take to heart everything you read.
  • Stay neutral. It’s easy to get fired up, but you should investigate things as candidly as possible before casting judgement. Everyone does everything for a reason, even if the reason is silly.
  • "Remember your roots." No matter where you end up, don’t forget the people and principles which were there all along.

/end, rambly rambles. thanks for listening to me think outloud.