Job Hunt Post-mortem ii & Sincerity

Today, I sent in my signed offer letter to Trulia. It wasn’t an easy choice, and admittedly, not the sexy option, but it’s one made with conviction.

If there’s any secret to doing a job hunt well, it would be this: be sincere. Sincerity open doors. Framing everything in the lens of sincerity also helped me get over the classic problem of having to portray all my work, good, okay, and less than okay, as these gems of the universe. Sincerity also lead to the most amicable rejections, connections, and conversations I’ve ever had in such short working relationships.

I also learned first-hand people are not inaccessible. Well, given you’re sincere about wanting to connect. I also learned that not everyone will be charmed, and in those cases, a sincere no is great feedback. It will go both ways.

Hope one day I can join the ranks of those who have built something great.
& be as sincere as possible about the yes’ and no’s to come.

But, for now, I’m totally sick of job hunting and glad it’s over.


p.s. My first job hunt post-mortem. It’s fun to compare the differences.