The Petty Crime Paradox

No more #MadeWithPaper for awhile. Our iPad was stolen from our apartment among other things.

I debated writing this, but it’s perhaps our lack of awareness that does us humans in. This is an attempt to emolliate that.

  • It happens. Maybe it’s the Chinese in me, and perhaps it’s still shameful, but it sure felt good to talk to good company about it.
  • It’s normal to feel violated. What’s really devastating is the fact that it was so incredibly simple for somebody to pry your space open. It helps to know everyone who had experienced theft felt that way in some capacity.
  • It’s okay to be angry. Pre-school lessons in courtesy are being violated. Someone took your shit.
  • Deadbolt. Everything.
  • Invest in security. This is a really cool piece of technology I’m now very excited about.
  • iCloud is useless. It seems like even the pettiest thieves know how to disable it. Install prey.
  • But also be a bonafide nerd. Back everything up. In case not a nerd, ask your nerd friend about it.
  • Material goods are replaceable.
  • Life still goes on.

The paradox part.

We are fortunate to be in a position where we could buy all the items back if we wanted. Additionally, no one was hurt. Everything which was taken was easily replaceable. Given more time, things like passports could have been dug up and sentimental goods could have been destroyed. Rationalizing it all out, everything’s all right.

I also find humor in the fact my essentially worthless headphones ~$10 were taken while my ~$400 Copic collection was untouched. Had these thieves been slightly more educated, they could have better optimized their grab. Then again, had these thieves been that smart, they probably wouldn’t have to resort to a life of petty crime.

It’s a strange paradox — We assume it’s easy enough to start getting a life back up, yet, for these people, it seems impossible to do so. In the end, I do feel a little sorry for them. But, then again I wanted to wash the cushions last Sunday. We had no quarters. Jerks.

That being said, nothing good came out of brooding over it. Back to work!