Visiting Pittsburgh was like visiting an old friend. Reuniting with a mentor full of tough love who had the best interests for you at the time without you knowing until it had all gone by.

Sketches: a product design

Not sure why this one ended up on the (now eradicated) personal blog! Adding it retrospectively.


“Product Designer” is an interesting title these days. When I hear of it, I usually assume we are describing a software designer who is product oriented. Or, a pixel designer with a good big picture sense. To most, it still aligns closer with industrial design: one who crafts objects of everyday use. I just find this shift interesting, now, to the main attraction:


Chosen from a series of rapid iterations.

With some preliminary and scrapped forms, of course.

Complete with object rotation studies…

As well as hand studies.

Theme of life: Ther is barely enough time to keep up with everything, especially with regards to all your ideas. Thus, there remains even less time left to document and share it! Prioritize, prioritize, and don’t forget about the rest of the world.

NOSTALGIA. Design Idea: Polar Bear. Your reckless energy usage killed 8 polar bears today.

Classes I wish I had the time for

Just a list of everything which piqued interest that never quite fit… In order of most to least regret? Perhaps.

  • Game Design w/ Jesse Schell
  • Typography
  • Color & Communication
  • Mapping & Diagramming
  • Time, Motion & Communication
  • Service Design

The list is mostly design classes since they were hard to enroll without an official minor… Maybe there’s still time this summer to arrange some studies!

Project Proposal: Cute Manifesto

Presentation for my final IACD project.

Possible goals, in no particular order or gurantee:

  • L2Turk.
  • Investigate the possibility of science behind cute.
  • Assert everyone can draw cute.
  • Provide silver bullet cute tutorial, never get bothered again about it!
  • Overload viewer with cute computer generated content.
  • Overload viewer with cute generated content from hundreds of users.
  • Overload viewer with cute in general.
  • Be curious with something I actually care about.
  • Have crap tons of fun.

Yay, grad school!

I was so relieved this morning when I found out I had been accepted into the 
Accelerated MHCI here @ CMU!

If all works out, I’ll be finishing my Bachelor degree this Fall semester, and continuing the following Spring with graduate level coursework. I look forward into enrolling into a bunch of design studios I wish I took.

Speaking of which, piece of advice, DO NOT save your gen-ends until Senior year. You will not value the skills or time spent working on the assignments because you will care so much more about your future plans and pet projects.