Dining table doodles – fat cat!

And, bonus shots of my current favorite tea: Lupica’s Momo Oolong.

#MadeWithPaper sketches of a kitty weather app idea we once had.

Or, maybe, I selfishly once had rather…

A handful of more sharpie sketches of various projects I’m thinking about: sociallist and a future portal page, susanl.in. I pulled the trigger for the .in domain when I learned the awesome namecheap offered it for $2.78 the first year, so cheap!

NOSTALGIA. Design Idea: Polar Bear. Your reckless energy usage killed 8 polar bears today.

Documenting the Dust Bunnies game, ch 1.

I’ve got my idea. Now it’s all about the execution.

Dust-blobs-without Dust-blobs-with

Since I’m not a strong coder, I’ve decided to make this a grid-based game, which should immensely simplify the game mechanics and logic magic that needs to happen on the backside.

This way, I can focus on the front - my strength. This might put the game on the map, despite the simplicity of the components.

At any rate, this should be a great kick-off type project. ETA? Let’s say June 2012 for now. Heh.