How to curb any bad habit.

Or at least, how I curb my bad habits.

Everyone goes through phases, sometimes bad ones. Here’s my philosophy on curbing the bad ones: Indulge. Let yourself have as much and as often of this thing.

Psychology tells us things are counter-intuitive all the time. This applies here.

Scenario 1. You actively refrain from shopping online, but all you think day-in and day-out is ‘just 5 minutes’ on the site. As soon as you let yourself pop open that browser window, all hell breaks loose. I can’t imagine you would drop that visit after 5 minutes.

Scenario 2. You want go to shop? Go shop. Buy all the things. Let it accumulate. Eventually, you’d just be disgusted in yourself for accumulating things you’ll never have a chance to wear. You’ll stop and that desire to stop comes from within. It’ll be out of necessity, not out of self-restraint. And in my experience, self-restraint is not a sure thing. Intrinsic motivation is.

Of course, this is just my theory.
Maybe it’ll work for you, maybe it won’t.

And there will be those few things which no matter how much you indulge, throw yourself at it, try to stop yourself from doing it, you’ll keep doing. Those things are your passion. Think about it. How can you make this raison d’etre your everyday reality?

Head fake.