Stained Glass Ghibli is my namesake fanart at its height. At the tippy tip of that point are Totoro, Mei, Satsuki, and Catbus. Too excited to wait to get home and take proper photographs, so here are the Instagrams serving as a preview, :)

Previously in this series: Sheeta, Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Tools, work spaces, rough edges. A round-up of a few unshared Instagram posts over the course of the last few weeks.

Totoro watercolor study of the night, 15 minutes of painting reduced to four fifteen second Instagram hyperlapses. My profile is littered with it. Top of the line!

OR here are the direct links if you’re coming across this post later:
Initial Wash | Brand Bleed & Chu Totoro | Drawing of the Big Totoro | Finishing Touches

Attaching one of hyperlapse videos from tonight’s watercolor session.

There is so much to catch you guys up on… Can’t stop shipping ⚓

More up to date channels:

Instagram — slice of life collage recaps.

Many state of the studio shots. Making any and all dining tables into a studio that is. Embracing nerdery wholly again. Letting myself play games and go do things that I wrongly rejected as ‘wastes of time’

I remember receiving this feedback in art school:

You’ve got the technique down, but stop wasting your time only drawing manga-style.

I still haven’t listened.

Life is short. Draw, illustrate, paint, collect, live the way you want. Responsibly, of course.

Happy Mother’s Day! 🌹 My mom circa 1985 and a Sunday painting session at home in the granite counter top we picked out remodeling whilst I was in high school at home.

Paintstagram, ii.

Watercolor / Original

No updates, :(

It’s going to be fun once it all comes together!, but, for now, a slow update trickles from my other feed into here. Given the popularity and personal satisfaction with this one off idea, I may need to do more of the same.

Watercolor / Original

Some running themes on Instagram.

Aside from frequent painting and sketch posts, we’ve got hikes, books, and latte art. Maybe just an indication I have breakfast at Mission Beach Cafe too much. Still the mayor!

Nature is beautiful!

Life is good!

I haven’t made one of these instagram recaps for a looong time. The last time was back in April, and things have really changed since then.

In the middle of this 3x3 was this photo I snapped in the Sutro Forest on a pivotal day. The sun shone through the canopy of the forest.

I reread my posts and kept seeing this phrase:

"I always want to remember how beautiful life is."

And lately I’ve forgotten this.

Blogging as a therapist.

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Photoblogs forthcoming.

Favestagram. Places, food, & home.
I always want to remind myself to remember how beautiful life is.

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