Listening to Una’s Juicy Juicy made me think of this talk about interface design (actually about game design, but easily applied) about going above and beyond usability to make things enjoyable.

So long as I’m thinking of the influential, this scene in Honey & Clover struck a chord with me since the first (and only) time I watched it back freshmen year of college.

There are so many boxes of things to master, but not enough lifetimes to open them all.

SBP. More progress! Have you ever seen the backside of a marker piece? Sometimes the backside is as interesting as the frontside. Life adage or something, right?

Doodles. Check out this haunting motion piece, Danielle. I sketched that while watching those 5 minutes. She really does have that gaze. The happy little tree sketch is inspired by my Kinokuniya tote.

Supplies. A hoard of various papers from Flax! A little Moomin who will now live on my traveling pouch of sketch materials. Thanks Liz!

This past Sunday, we made it to The Sketchbook Project!

These are some of my favorite pages. Cameos of our fingers since it was a windy afternoon in not-so-sunny San Francisco.

I picked up a sketchbook to participate for the 2014 tour as well.