Chibi friends – Chloe & Nick!

Chibi Kawaii brittanyforks! I loved getting to use the pearlescent sparkle watercolors for this one.

Ink & Paint of chibi myself as Samus, I suppose. It was an accident after thinking I’d want her hair to change with the colors of her suit. Excuses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chibi Trulia Dawn!

Sketchnotes from the latest installment of design+startup.

Sketchnotes from UX in Outer Space, hosted by the IXDA SF.

My favorite moment being “Be calm, don’t suck.”

I found some sketches whilst in Tokyo I never published.

Sketches from the fifth installation of Design+Start-up.
In order of appearance: @jgebbia, @enunge, @sourjayne, & @irondavy. Thanks for all your wisdom!

Bonus, about the tools. My current repertoire is nearly pure MUJI: A5 dot grid, 0.5 weight pens in black, sky blue, and green, and a Kuretake black brush pen for thicker lines. I find this set easy to carry around while remaining effective. Though I must add, the tools do not matter as much as the obsessive practice you are willing to put in.


Sketches also uploaded to Flickr »

Pages from my MUJI sketchbook. Happy New Year, again folks.