'Glad I didn't listen.'

'Do it for yourself.'

'Live a quiet life and work with your hands.'

'Live Simply'

I have this note called mantras. It’s where I put a quote if it really speaks to me—It’s usually something I stand for or something I need to remember. These are the four on it today.
“We memorialize that with the motto, “s/he who codes, rules”. As in, when we disagree, the person doing the work makes the decision.”

I believe this more and more. The person doing the work makes the decision, in the realm of tech, this is usually the person who codes.

—via Venture Hacks

“Too much airplane for one person to fly.”
The Checklist Manifesto illustrated an example with the very powerful Boeing becoming too much airplane for one person to fly. In the same sense, software design is too much software for one person to design.
“Design doesn’t need to be delightful for it to work, but that’s like saying food doesn’t need to be tasty to keep us alive.”

Frank Chimero, The Shape of Design.

Still jumping around in the book, but this little bit is very true and relatable. It also became my most retweeted tweet. I consider today a success.

(Source: shapeofdesignbook.com)

“Compound growth: by improving yourself 1% a day, you’ll be 37x better after 365 days.”
Delivering Happiness, aka The Zappos Book.
“"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." —Eleanor Roosevelt”

Gossip and news about events or ideas sensationalized is the equivalent of gossip. These discussions, though sometimes pleasurable, are meaningless.

This is why I rather spend the large chunk of weekend at home working on ideas instead of out talking about.. nothing.

Also nice to have the occasional reminder that reading any of those viral articles rarely brings any insight. When you’re entrenched in this stuff, the best thing is to put more hours into your craft and improve, not pretend you’re improving by rereading what you already know. No need to validate, have you the confidence that you’re doing it right?