Ghibli Stained Glass series… Sheeta of Laputa!

I hadn’t shared this with you Tumblr until now?! Unbelivableeelelel. Follow Instagram for better updates. Got a Mononoke draft and a Mei one brewing up, :)

Back in business with painting at cafés (in peace today!) and trees. I should probably invest in a scanner… Any recommendations? Tweet me @bysusanlin, :)

I wrote about the 1000th Cut. You can read it on Medium.

The important parts –

No. I don’t need to draw less attention to myself. The people who do this need to start treating us not as numbers or objects, but as human beings.

Be empathetic when your sister, wife, girlfriend, or friend comes to you needing a venting session. Remember it’s not flattering, it’s harmful. Each isolated incident can be rationalized away. “It’s not that bad.” No, it is that bad. It’s bad with the 1000th cut – The one day she dropped her guard and relaxed, it happens again and stings with a bitter pain.

Tools, work spaces, rough edges. A round-up of a few unshared Instagram posts over the course of the last few weeks.

The summer art’s fruits. Lots of little sketches and paintings that go unposted… Purple tree splatter after watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

Totoro watercolor study of the night, 15 minutes of painting reduced to four fifteen second Instagram hyperlapses. My profile is littered with it. Top of the line!

OR here are the direct links if you’re coming across this post later:
Initial Wash | Brand Bleed & Chu Totoro | Drawing of the Big Totoro | Finishing Touches

Attaching one of hyperlapse videos from tonight’s watercolor session.

'Void Ripper' is the second oil painting I've finished in a really long time. It's sitting in my living room drying right now. You can see a process shot from early July on this blog. It’s ended up less abstract than it started, I can dig that. A sky and a tree is truer to my internal compass of what I paint.

I’m typing in simple English right now since I just recovered from a week long flu, well, barely, still coughing and lethargic. Luckily, getting to the point again where I feel annoyed if I’m not entirely productive. I don’t know if I have anything else to say, just trying to not feel so craptastic about the world and this year on a personal level.

My dear boyfie got my this art book for my birthday last year. This is me finally putting it to good use with some watercolor studies, :D

An evening piece inspired by faraway places.

I painted some animals!

Watercolor sessions from this past weekend.

I enjoyed Shovel Knight!

I thought I’d have to grow up and give up games to succeed as an adult… NOPE. Don’t give up the things you love! What I would go back in time 6 years ago and shake myself out of such a silly thought.

Edit: Squeee, Yacht Club Games shared the piece.