This ink pen which came with the Kuretake Watercolor Set is really nice. Here are some things I’ve rendered with it recently! It’s sharpie-like, but with more flex.

Sketches: a product design

Not sure why this one ended up on the (now eradicated) personal blog! Adding it retrospectively.


“Product Designer” is an interesting title these days. When I hear of it, I usually assume we are describing a software designer who is product oriented. Or, a pixel designer with a good big picture sense. To most, it still aligns closer with industrial design: one who crafts objects of everyday use. I just find this shift interesting, now, to the main attraction:


Chosen from a series of rapid iterations.

With some preliminary and scrapped forms, of course.

Complete with object rotation studies…

As well as hand studies.

Theme of life: Ther is barely enough time to keep up with everything, especially with regards to all your ideas. Thus, there remains even less time left to document and share it! Prioritize, prioritize, and don’t forget about the rest of the world.

These are my favorite bits from mhci sketching I never posted! Container hands & red ballpoint sketchery. They will be in the new portfolio, but rediscovering nice things is.. nice!

Sharpie Sketches | beautiful people & red ink

In which I use my secret weapon [1]  to draw things.


This what happens when I like you: You occasionally, okay - often, end up in my doodles. Some are better than others. FOREVER immortalized. ;)


Now, featuring the gorgeous girl behind Behind the Seams, one of my favorite fashion blogs. I have an immense girl crush on Trang.


& now, a red, coral, & pink Copic comp.

1. It’s a double-sided sharpie. Honestly, this thing is way better than many of the expensive artsy inking pens I’ve tried.

Love, love, love.

Happy Birthday to my little brother. | with a stupid meme filled card to boot


I give many shits about him (It just means I care except in angsty rebelious 16 year old terms).

That is all. We have a very awesome sibling bond as of date.

Latest Watercolors | eyes & trails

Painted these back in September: here you go internet! Finally get to see.


watercolor + watercolor pencils


Also - new apartment is coming together.. Not quite ready to show it off in full, but am happy to show off some desk shots :)

I find that I like working w/ just the Thunderbolt display alone. Less screens to be distracted by.


Finally feeling like I’m getting into the flow, though I may be uprooted soon by the holidays. Well - that’s life. No more semesters for me, just a continuous stream of everything. It’s an adjustment I still haven’t completely made yet to be honest.

Summer Sketch Set : Doodles

Whoops, for some reason, the attempt to post this same thing last night was a total fail. (404??) Oh well, this is simply a continuation of the last post.. Doodles.



Sharpie, always handy.


The properly scanned version of this copic marker drawing I instagram’d.


Obligatory clarification: despite illustrating this, I was unfortunately the one who was jumped upon meeting.. :(


Which reminds me, I should ink this doodle and make it into the comic strip.



Only partially complete.. 


Last one, another previous post properly scanned. I miss it.. though, on the other hand, I am glad that my desire to make things is being quenched now. The job is great and I look forward to seeing what I can do in the long run to make my mark. Give and take.

Bootstrap Now…

My buddy’s current mantra… Yay start-ups! The sketch should speak for itself.



Test run with Sketchbook Pro desktop version. Putting a face on anything makes it look legit.

Anyway, I like, just wish it used similar keyboard shortcuts like the ones in Adobe suite.