Illustrator’d: Totoro, Totoro hats & Self

In the search for a high-res photograph of myself that I could stand, then coming up empty handed, I decided that I’d stick with the illustrated route. And with my newly found option+click skills, this is what became of that experiment.

It’s not often I add the blog url into the image, but when I do, I think it’s when something actually turns out better than expected. This is refreshing – Haven’t been producing at my best as of late.

Look! The body and hat shape are the same! I can still do negative space proper! Art majors!


Last note, the texture in the presentation image is “Old Wall” via Subtle Patterns: Best. Design. Resource. Ever.

the great sea

After a not-so-successful search to find a nice Wind Waker wallpaper, I decided the best idea was to draw my own. This is what happens after a combination of oggling at good art, being drawing deprived, and listening to ocr zelda songs all night.

Don’t know how you feel about it, but sailing across the Great Sea was really theraputic.