Painstagram no. 6

Watercolor / Original

Paintstagram no. 5

Watercolor / Original

Whoa, a true photoblog post now that I have photos from this month that are just not my allergic skin rash welts. It’s been 2 days without a relapse. Today we walked, brunched, sketched, and saw a new neighborhood. Today we celebrated the little wins in life. This is me remembering to appreciate the majority of the days in the year being able to live.

Friends. I remember many times I felt peeved, peeved I was always the complaint sinker, but never got the favor in return. I realized recently that was all me. For anyone who is a true friend has yet to turn me down when I needed to them. The only barrier before was me assuming I was wasting their times with my words, when in fact, it’s not even a favored return, it’s all my friends wanting nothing more but to help me get through tougher times. And even barring the darker times, I realized I could initiate the lunch or dinner, that, for example, my friends with cars weren’t just doing me favors by driving me around, but happy to have my company, that reciprocation goes past what’s literally exchanged, but what’s exchanged in life.

Trees. The tree’s seeds is what has caused my misery these past few weeks. Yet, I still find it a place of comfort. Just sketching or painting their form, dotting their leaves, and blooming their flowers. A simple word and a simple concept with so many gorgeous permutations, states, and lifetimes.

Paint an instagram, iv.

Left: Painting. Right: zaicoff_net’s instagram.

Paintstagram, ii.

Watercolor / Original

No updates, :(

It’s going to be fun once it all comes together!, but, for now, a slow update trickles from my other feed into here. Given the popularity and personal satisfaction with this one off idea, I may need to do more of the same.

Watercolor / Original

Time leap one more time. The forgotten tree paintings, now added in retroactively, 4/17/2013 @ 12:38am.

Space Tree & Blossom Tree.

That night I also painted the Porcelain Tree & Fetal Tree.

Last night I watercolored some trees!

2 weeks ago, I went to visit the mobile sketchbook library.

Today, it occurred to me I never really posted an update on the book I’m working on for the 2014 tour.

There’s going to be a mixture of Ghibli tribute, slice of life, and randomness. All drawn with ballpoint and watercolor pencil shading so far. You can see the book is already buckling from the water.

Galaxy Blues. Painted after squeezing too much blue out of the tube and while watching Cowboy Bebop. Which by the way, how did I not watch it until now? It’s so good.