Chibi friends – Chloe & Nick!

Chibi Kawaii brittanyforks! I loved getting to use the pearlescent sparkle watercolors for this one.

Ink & Paint of chibi myself as Samus, I suppose. It was an accident after thinking I’d want her hair to change with the colors of her suit. Excuses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

XOXO Sketchnotes, part 2 of 2.

XOXO Sketchnotes, Part 1 of 2.

Hello my friends! It’s been over a month since XOXO fest… Here are the sketchnotes! I have plans to go back and watch the videos of the ones I missed in person and perhaps even taking a stream of the process. What do you think… Would you want to watch the sketchnote recording?

Chibi Trulia Dawn!

Significant Other of the Artist.

I’m pretty pleased with the caption on Instagram. This Kuretake 0.3 liner has been treating me pretty well. Big fan of a bunch of Kuretake’s pens right now.

Always have something to go back to when you are so called out of ideas. Turn it into something else. I want to get a giant scroll of paper and paint a whole forest of 1000 individual trees like this.

Stained Glass Ghibli is my namesake fanart at its height. At the tippy tip of that point are Totoro, Mei, Satsuki, and Catbus. Too excited to wait to get home and take proper photographs, so here are the Instagrams serving as a preview, :)

Previously in this series: Sheeta, Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Ghibli Stained Glass series… Sheeta of Laputa!

I hadn’t shared this with you Tumblr until now?! Unbelivableeelelel. Follow Instagram for better updates. Got a Mononoke draft and a Mei one brewing up, :)

Back in business with painting at cafés (in peace today!) and trees. I should probably invest in a scanner… Any recommendations? Tweet me @bysusanlin, :)

I wrote about the 1000th Cut. You can read it on Medium.

The important parts –

No. I don’t need to draw less attention to myself. The people who do this need to start treating us not as numbers or objects, but as human beings.

Be empathetic when your sister, wife, girlfriend, or friend comes to you needing a venting session. Remember it’s not flattering, it’s harmful. Each isolated incident can be rationalized away. “It’s not that bad.” No, it is that bad. It’s bad with the 1000th cut – The one day she dropped her guard and relaxed, it happens again and stings with a bitter pain.

Tools, work spaces, rough edges. A round-up of a few unshared Instagram posts over the course of the last few weeks.