Latest Watercolors | eyes & trails

Painted these back in September: here you go internet! Finally get to see.


watercolor + watercolor pencils


Also - new apartment is coming together.. Not quite ready to show it off in full, but am happy to show off some desk shots :)

I find that I like working w/ just the Thunderbolt display alone. Less screens to be distracted by.


Finally feeling like I’m getting into the flow, though I may be uprooted soon by the holidays. Well - that’s life. No more semesters for me, just a continuous stream of everything. It’s an adjustment I still haven’t completely made yet to be honest.

3-2-1, everyday is Friday with Team Silk


x-post via facebook This is dedicated to my MHCI project team, Silk, who I spent the last 8 months working closely with. I mean it and we meme-it.

Old Digital Watercolors



Work which never made it past the cutting board, 2009. Pulling it up again since I’m pursuing a new project with a similar aestheic :)

New Watercolor Pencils

A quick sketch featuring my new Rose Lake Madder watercolor pencil.

desk gone studio - analysis: the messier it is, the nicer the outcome

desk gone studio - analysis: the messier it is, the nicer the outcome